Witdaheat Gang Artist, Skrilla Bands, Releases His First Mixtape, "Misfits" (READ MORE)

Skrilla Bands, Witdaheat Gang's first developing artist, released his first ever mixtape on Sunday June 5, 2022. The 1 year anniversary of his homecoming, after 3 years of being incarcerated. Born Anthony Stevenson, the 21 year-old Recording Artist spent the past year developing his sound with the help from his childhood friend, B Young, musically known as Bwitdaheat. The duo, along with Dudepgh, OMG, and the rest of Witdaheat Gang, patiently worked together to produce over 50 songs before Skrilla released Misfits (SORRY 4 THE WAIT), exclusively on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Audiomack.

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