• Mike McVay

Witdaheat Gang Artist, Skrilla Bands, Releases His First Mixtape, "Misfits" (READ MORE)

Skrilla Bands, Witdaheat Gang's first developing artist, released his first ever mixtape on Sunday June 5, 2022. The 1 year anniversary of his homecoming, after 3 years of being incarcerated. Born Anthony Stevenson, the 21 year-old Recording Artist spent the past year developing his sound with the help from his childhood friend, B Young, musically known as Bwitdaheat. The duo, along with Dudepgh, OMG, and the rest of Witdaheat Gang, patiently worked together to produce over 50 songs before Skrilla released Misfits (SORRY 4 THE WAIT), exclusively on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Audiomack.

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