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U CAN’T REACH ME: Pick Patek’s Fourth Album, A Shift In Today’s Music

Philly native, LA based, and Pittsburgh claimed artist, Pick Patek releases his 4th album, U CAN’T REACH ME.

U CAN’T REACH ME, released early August of 2022 following the single “penelope”. This album is a bookmark in Pick’s career. The 23 year-old spent the past 2 years in LA; recording, performing, and perfecting the project we’re listening to today.


Paired with a desert-set visual, this song shows both sides of Pick, where he’s been, and where he’s going.


My favorite song on the album! Pick touches on love and religion, showing off his versatility in both style and subject matter.

“309” w/ NxG

Reminds me of “Bring Me Down” ft. NxG from Modern Art. Produced by Witdaheat Gang’s OMG, this track demonstrates Pick’s artistic limits. The NxG cameo is a necessity for every Patek project.

In summary, the album is about individually. Finding your peace in a sea of distractions. Surviving the real world long enough to create your own. Its about maturing, learning to be proud of the people we grow away from. In every track there’s a deeper message, you just have to listen.

This Fall, Pick and his team are lining up live shows and concerts in the Long Beach area and all around LA. Performances in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are expected sometime this year. Pick Patek is one of Pittsburgh’s most talented and diverse artists. Producing, writing, and performing are difficult skills to master, follow Pick today to watch him grow throughout his journey.

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