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Pittsburgh’s Underground R&B Star, Kris Hollis, Releases Single “Shot O’Clock”

Taylor Gang’s underground R&B star, Kris Hollis, drops a new single for the ladies, “Shot O’Clock”.

Kris kicked off his summer with “God Bless”, produced by Sledgren. His voice calms down the track as Sledge’s high-energy production speeds it up, the dynamic is perfect for any club. Seemingly the club is where Kris spends his time when he’s not in the studio. You’ll see Kris turning up to “Shot O’Clock” around the city the next few weeks. I’m hoping to hear a project sometime soon from the star, Pittsburgh’s underground needs an R&B revive.

Kris Hollis is Pittsburgh’s voice of R&B, a genre that lacks the soul it used to have. Don’t worry, Kris said its “Shot O’Clock”, he’s bringing the vibe back where it needs to be. Follow Kris Hollis and Taylor Gang everywhere to stay up-to-date.

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