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LY: Pittsburgh’s “It Girl” Takes The Youth By Surprise With Debut EP, Emotional Damage

Pittsburgh’s “It Girl”, LY, releases her debut EP titled, Emotional Damage.

Emotional Damage, a 6-track EP, executive produced by Witdaheat Gang’s Dudepgh. On the bridge of hyper pop and modern punk rock, the project features titles like; “No Mercy”, “Metaverse”, and “Wasted”.

“No Mercy”

Produced by Dudepgh. “Nothing else, I got nothing else for you” LY repeats through the track. A song about living how you want for yourself. Its refreshing, young people need to live for themselves, something I think our generation does a decent job of.


Produced by Dudepgh. A play on “Matrix” and the more modern “Metaverse” — 2 alternate worlds we live in today. LY demonstrates her story-telling abilities on the record, speaking on a relationship turned sour.


Produced by Dudepgh, Simo Fre, and Redluke. The EP’s outro, LY unloads the rest of her emotions on this record. “Trapped in my head on those dark, dark nights” a feeling everyone can relate too.

Early July, LY released her music video for fan-favorite single, “BETTER DAY!” directed by Sienna Saba. She is promoting her new EP, Emotional Damage with performances around the city of Pittsburgh.

LY is one of my favorite Pittsburgh artists to watch grow. She found her sound, formed a team, and is building a brand that will last her lifetime. Stream Emotional Damage today!

Stream Emotional Damage HERE!

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