Ly, Pittsburgh’s “It Girl” Releases “Better Day!” Music Video, Rumors Debut EP This August

Lyric Rae, known as Ly, releases her “Better Day!” music video. In the video, directed by Sienna Saba, Ly dances her way under the city lights of New York, New York. The 23 year-old singer/songwriter released “Better Day!” as a single in December of 2021. It was her first track to break 10,000 streams on Soundcloud, a big milestone for independent artists in small markets like Pittsburgh. She followed “Better Day!”, produced by noevdv, with 3 more singles in 2022; “Number 1” produced by waytoogone, “3Vol” produced by Dudepgh, OMG, and Simo Fre, and “Freestyle” produced by Dudepgh and Andrew Evans.

Ly is preparing to release her first EP Emotional Damage this August. The project is rumored to have production from Witdaheat Gang’s, Dudepgh. The pair has been creating together since late 2021.

Ly’s distinct style gives her rookie year a promising outlook. Follow Ly on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to her Youtube channel to stay up-to-date with Ly’s new music.

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