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Jack Jeter, Pittsburgh’s Goofiest Producer Releases First Dance Project, The Red Place

Jack Jeter, Pittsburgh’s goofiest producer releases his first 6-track EP, The Red Place.

Jack moved to LA late 2020 to experiment new sounds and explore the land of opportunity. Ironically, the opportunity arose to independently create and release his own project. Its common for producers from Pittsburgh, and other small markets, to drop music on their own, taking control over the “creative”, due to the lack of serious artists and marketing resources. Jack took control of the music, a great idea for producers in small-market cities like Pittsburgh.

Jack, personally I am impressed. You’ve out done yourself on this project. Follow Jack Jeter everywhere to stay up-to-date and go outside. You might hear The Red Place playing down on the South Side if you’re lucky!

Stream The Red Place:

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