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Guapo Lennon Tells All In New Single & Music Video, “Day In The Life of Tigg”

Guapo Lennon, one of Pittsburgh’s rap artists on the rise, releases single, “Day In The Life of Tigg” with music video shot by DSB Digital.

Lennon drops new music video for thrilling record “Day In The Life of Tigg” produced by Bwitdaheat and Andrew Evans.

In June 2022, Guapo had the chance to lock in with Witdaheat Gang’s Andrew Evans. Evans, a 19 year-old producer based in Dublin, Ireland, spent the month of June in Pittsburgh making records with Lennon and a slew of other Pittsburgh artists on the rise.

Guapo Lennon kicked off 2022 with “Be Adore” ft. Wiz Khalifa, also produced by Bwitdaheat. His next single, my personal favorite, “Non-Believer”, followed by “All My Life”, “Breaking The Cycle” and now, “Day In The Life of Tigg”.

Guapo Lennon is developing into a great story-teller with every new song we hear. He recently announced more music, every Friday. Follow him everywhere to stay up-to-date. Watch “Day In The Life of Tigg” today!

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