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Fedd The God: Taylor Gang’s Fastest Growing Artist Releases Long-Awaited Single, “Fortnite”

Taylor Gang’s fastest growing artist, Fedd The God releases long-awaited single, “Fortnite”, accompanied by a self-directed music video.

Photo Credit: Justin Boyd

Since signing with Taylor Gang in 2020, Fedd released 13 singles and 1 album under the label. He’s currently on the Vinyl Verse Tour with Wiz Khalifa and Logic. This past weekend he opened up for Wiz at the Starlake Pavilion, following the concert he shared photos on Instagram of himself at the studio with; Wiz, Skarlow, Stixx, Ricky P, and a few other Taylor Gang affiliates.

Photo Credit: Justin Boyd

Fedd The God is Taylor Gang’s fastest growing artist. His fans eat up every song, every video, and undeniably, every performance. Watch “Fortnite” today and add it to your favorite Pittsburgh playlist!

Stream “Fortnite” here!

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